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Rumour: Have Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk left Bioware?

Germany — 
Update: Today, September 18th 2012, Ray Muyzka and Greg Zeschuk have announced their departure from Bioware/Electronic Arts in two open letters.

Original news from August 5th 2012: German games magazine reports a source saying (after following the link, scroll down for an English version) that at a very recent company meeting at Bioware Austin, all the leadership was there, but not Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, pictured above. If this is true, this could be a sign that both founders have left Bioware or are in the process of leaving it.

Shogun 2: Blistered Thumbs' Angry Joe vs. GamersGlobal

Germany — 
What happens when Angry Joe of Blistered Thumbs and AngryJoeShow fights a Shogun 2 multiplayer battle against GamersGlobal's Jörg Langer to see who's the best strategy games' critic of them all...? more...

Heavy Rain The Movie

Germany — 
"Heavy Rain The Movie" is an unofficial fan cut of Sonys 2010 hit game Heavy Rain, condensing about 500 minutes of gameplay into 165 minutes of film. It's in English with english subtitles. more...

Kinect's German Disaster: Only 25.000 Sensors Sold in 3 Weeks

Germany — 

According to our sister website, which is quoting a "reliable source", Microsoft Germany has reached only about 1 percent of the worldwide Kinect sensor sales figures (2.5 million) that Microsoft announced yesterday. more...

Chris Taylor about Kings and Castles (video interview)

Germany — 
Two weeks ago, we had the chance to interview Chris Taylor about his current project Kings and Castles -- which is a medieval RTS with an emphasis on melee, base building, formations and "legendary units". more...

Bioshock 2: Interview with Melissa Miller and Jordan Thomas

Germany — 
Yesterday, we were invited to a hands on with Bioshock 2. During the event, we also had the chance to interview Melissa Miller (Senior Producer) and Jordan Thomas (Creative Director) from 2K Marin. They talk about a lot of details of Bioshock 2, so sit back and enjoy.

Napoleon Total War: Interview with Kieran Bridgen

Germany — 
Today, we had the chance to interview Creative Assembly's Kieran Bridgen, who's job title is Director of Communication, and (or but?) who is very much into Empire - Total War and the upcoming Napoleon - Total War. So Kieran didn't flinch when we asked several tough questions about the campaign AI, diplomacy system and DLC concept of Empire. more...

Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising: PS3 vs. Xbox

Germany — 
In this gameplay video, we show the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising. The sound channels are tied to the picture, so if you see both versions at the same time, the left audio channel is PS3, the right is Xbox 360.

Video Interview with Bruce Shelley

Germany — 
When attending a Settler 7 preview event in Düsseldorf, Germany, we met Bruce Shelley. Not many of you might know that Bruce (61), whose studio Ensemble Studios was closed earlier this year by Microsoft, is now consulting BlueByte/Ubisoft on how to turn The Settlers 7 into a game that appeals to players worldwide. more...

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Interview)

Germany — 
Recently, we had the chance to speak to Codemasters' Senior Games Designer Tim Browne about Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. In our video interview, you will learn about sight ranges, realism, difficulty levels, dynamic AI and what happens when you leave the area of a given mission in the game.