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CFO Loses Job because of Age of Conan

age of conan.jpg
Germany — 

Funcom has now reported their financial results of the fourth quarter. It reveals a loss of $23.3 million, which is mostly caused by the bad performance of Age of Conan. more...

Why Sonic Can´t Swim!

sonic water.jpg
Germany — 

This is a funny little story, which can be read in its entirety on Videogamer.com. The guys got the answer to the question why Sonic can´t swim from Yuji Naka, who is one of the three men credited with creating Sonic. more...

DICE 2009 Highlights

dice 2009.jpg
Germany — 

Following you find the highlights of the developers conference DICE 2009. The news can all be read in full length at IGN.com.

DICE (Developer) more...

Details on Nintendo DSi (Update!)

nintendo dsi.jpg
Germany — 

Nintendo's updated DS hardware, the Nintendo DSi, will arrive in the United States on April 5. The costs are $169.99. more...

Smash Bros. Creator: New Company, New Game

smash bros.jpg
Germany — 

Nintendo now announced that Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the popoular Smash Bros franchise, has started a new company, namely Project Sora. more...

Drakensang Prequel: River of Time

Germany — 

Hamburg/Germany based publisher dtp entertainment has today confirmed that developer Radon Labs is working on a prequel to the award winning title The Dark Eye: Drakensang, which has won the “best German RPG 2008” award at the German Developer Awards. more...

Diablo 3: Collected News

Diablo 3.jpg
Germany — 

As there is hardly anything remarkable that Blizzard is giving out about their highly anticipated action-rpg Diablo 3, I decided to collect a couple of things that are noteworthy nonetheless. Most of the information was presented by the Community Manager Bashiok.

Useless Items more...

Impressive Half-Life 2 Adaption: Escape from City 17

half-life 2.jpg
Germany — 

Directed by David and Ian Purchase comes a new series in the Half-Life universe. The episode(s) combine live-action footage and Half-Life 2 characters, excluding protagonist Gordon Freeman and others. more...

Guild Wars 2 Could be Delayed until 2010 or 2011 (Update)

Germany — 

The highly anticipated MMO Guild Wars 2 seems to have suffered a major setback: According to publisher / developer nc soft, Guild Wars 2's release window is "to be announced" somewhen in 2010 or 2011. You can download the NCshoft Earnings Release (Q4 2008 & FY2009 Forecast) here. more...

Midway US files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Germany — 

Today, Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY) filed "voluntary petitions" in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The filing does not include the company’s non-U.S. operations, which will continue business as normal -- which the German branch has just confirmed by e-mail. more...