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This is Final, no Fantasy: Square-Enix takes over Eidos

final fantasy.jpg
Germany — 

Golem.de reports that the negotiations between the Japanese publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy) and Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider) have come to an end.

Square-Enix will pay about $117 million to Eidos´ stackholders. This includes Time Warner, which is presently calling 20% of Eidos his own. more...

Resident Evil 5 Leaked!

resident evil 5.jpg
Germany — 

Bad news for Capcom. As can be read on the German site Golem.de, there is already an illegal version of the upcoming Resident Evil 5 online. more...

Tabula Rasa: How a World Ended...

tabula rasa.jpg
Germany — 

How does a game world end? Gamasutra´s Chris Remo was there when NCsoft´s Tabula Rasa was played for the very last time.
Following you find his description, complete and unabridged. See what an experience it is to see a world end.

Last Friday, I visited a doomed world for the first time. more...

Nintendo: Buy the DSi as Early as Possible

Germany — 

Nintendo has now advised its customers to buy a Nintendo DSi as soon as possible, because the demand could outstrip supply once the year is coming to a close.

Christmas of the last three years have shown that Nintendo´s platforms, especially stocks of the Wii, fell short of demand. The same could now happen to the new DSi. more...

BioWare Opens New Studio

Germany — 

BioWare is establishing a new studio within Electronic Arts Montreal. The team will be working on the sequel to Mass Effect. For that purpose, BioWare is hiring 30 new developers, including artists, animators and designers.

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzka said:

Dragon Age Interview

Germany — 
This is an 11 minutes interview with Bioware Co-Founder Ray Muzyka on [b]Dragon's Age: Origins[/b] discussing the game's spiritual heritage with [b]Baldur's Gate[/b], the two kind of players Bioware is trying to address with it and many other topics. You'll also see some ingame scenes and new screenshots.

NCsoft Brings Apocalypse to Tabula Rasa (Update)

tabula rasa.jpg
Germany — 

NCsoft´s unsuccessful online game Tabula Rasa is shutting down today. However, the game is newsworthy one last time, because the world will not go down the tubes quietly. more...

Quake on iPhone, id Developing for Wii?

iphone quake.jpg
Germany — 

The co-founder of id Software, John Carmack, known for revolutionary graphic evolvements and certain first person shooters, has now mentioned that his company is working on a Quake III port for the iPhone. The game might be quite close to the upcoming browser based Quake Live.

Carmack said to MTV:

Resident Evil 6 to Reboot Series

resident evil 5 a.jpg
Germany — 

The producer of Resident Evil 5, Jun Takeuchi, has made an interesting comment about the sixth part of the series, although the latest episode is not even available yet. more...

Internal News: Looking for Betatesting Help

Germany — 

For a new project, GamersGlobal co-founder Jörg Langer is looking for volunteers willing to spend the time and effort to test-run a new gaming website. Details can be found on joergspielt.de. Please be advised that this is only meant for German speaking folks. Thanks!