Wii the Least Used Console?

Germany — 

The entertainment research company Nielsen has now released usage statistics of the present console generation. The data shows how much a platform is actually used, based on numbers like average playtime sessions or average days used per month. more...

Next Round: Sony vs Nintendo

psp vs ds.JPG
Germany — 

The war between Sony and Nintendo has reached the next round. This time, the mobile devices get their share. John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, made some comments on Nintendo´s recent release of their Nintendo DSi.

Final Fantasy XIII Needs "Ten Times the Success" of Other Titles

final fantasy XIII.JPG
Germany — 

The producer of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, has stated that the game needs to be a huge success in comparison to other titles. more...

Mortal Kombat Developers Looking for New Publisher?

mortal kombat.jpg
Germany — 

As reports, the developing team behind the Mortal Kombat series wishes to leave its pubslisher Midway. Allegedly, the team is already in talks with others publishers. more...

Age of Conan: Phoenix from the Ashes?

aoc ggcom.jpg
Germany — 

Age of Conan, no matter how promising and hyped it might have been in its first month after having been released, has gone a long way down. While the gameplay was innovative and fun during the first 20 levels, it pretty much changed after that. more...

Big Huge Games Saved?

big huge games logo.jpg
Germany — 

THQ recently announced (we reported) that they would close their studio Big Huge Games (Rise of Nations) if a sale could not be completed in the near future. However, though the studio was still not sold to anyone, it seems that Big Huge Games might be allowed to dwell on - but not without further ado. more...

Perlman Talks OnLive

onlive new.jpg
Germany — 

Joystiq has done a thorough interview with Steve Perlman, the founder of the recently announced service OnLive. During the interview, they covered various aspects of this new game-streaming service. You find all the highlights in the following. more...

EA Releases General DRM De-Authorization Tool

Germany — 

Electronic Arts has now released a free De-Authorisation Management Tool. The application has a size of 5.42MB and enables owners of EA PC games to balance their install limits.

Shacknews describes the tool as follows:

PS2 drops to $99 (Update)

playstation 2.jpg
Germany — 

Sony now announced a price cut for its middle-ager PlayStation 2 here. This brings the PS2 down from $129 to just $99, starting tomorrow.

The plan behind this cut could be that it might enable the PS2 to hold its market share across 2nd quarter 2009. Earlier analysts predicted a decline at first. more...

Blizzard Denies Involvement with Microsoft

Germany — 

Last week, various websites reported that Blizzard would be involved in discussions with Microsoft about the Xbox 360 successor.

Back then, Rob Pardo of Blizzard said: