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World of WarCraft

Age of Conan: More than 700.000 Subscribers

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Germany — 

Age of Conan always seemed to be the underdog on the MMO market. Why should anybody want to play a game set in the universe of a very aged barbarian out of some 80ies movies (the original Conan books by Robert E. Howard are from the 30ies)? more...

Wrath of the Lich King Coming to China, Too

United States — 

Hot on the heels of The9's announcement that more than one million Chinese were playing World of Warcraft at the same time (The9 develops and operates online games in China), The9 has extended its agreement with Blizzard Entertainment (part of Vivendi) that will have The9 manage the implementation of the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Litch King in mainland China. more...

World of Warcraft Arena Tournaments Open

Canada — 

Blizzard recently started its World of Warcraft Arena Tournaments (on March 31). These three vs. three tournaments cost $20 to enter for a six-week qualifying round and offer a combined $200,000 of prizes.

One Million Chinese Played World of Warcraft... At the Same Time

United States — 

The9 is a Chinese developer and distributor of online games – they happen to be the company operating World of Warcraft in mainland China. They were thrilled to tell everyone that World of Warcraft recently had one million simultaneous users. more...

Tse Becomes CFO of The9

United States — 

The9 Limited, an online game operator in China, has appointed Tony Tse as the company's new Chief Financial Officer. more...

Psychologists Find People Tired After Playing World of Warcraft

United States — 

Today, a team from Middlesex University is presenting the results of their research concerning the link between games and violence to the British Psychological Society in Dublin. more...

WoW: Worldwide Level-70 Arena Tournaments

Germany — 

Blizzard announced plans for a new form of tournaments using the Arena system of World of WarCraft. There will be dedicated Realms set up for the tournaments, where players can create heroes on level 70 immediately, so that the emphasis of the new service lies in battle tactics, not character advancement. more...

World of WarCraft: 10 Million Subscribers

Germany — 

Vivendi Games has just announced that their Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of WarCraft, created and maintained by Blizzard, has surpassed the mark of 10 million subscribers worldwide. 2,5 million of that number are North American players, 2 million hail from Europe, but the overwhelming majority is located in Asia: 5,5 million. more...

World of Warcraft: Game and Gamers at Their Limits.

Germany — 

Curious: A gamer managed to hoard so much gold that he reached the limit, which is 241.748 Gold, 36 Silver and 46 copper. The game doesn't allow a single copper coin more. Here is a screenshot to prove it. A translation of the chat with a Gamemaster is availible on request :) more...

3D Custom World of Warcraft Figures Available

United States — 

Ed Fries, formerly the Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, has started a new company that allows World of Warcraft players to order custom 3D statues of their World of Warcraft characters. more...