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Wii the Least Used Console?

Germany — 

The entertainment research company Nielsen has now released usage statistics of the present console generation. The data shows how much a platform is actually used, based on numbers like average playtime sessions or average days used per month. more...

New Silent Hill Game Coming to Wii

silent hill.jpg
Germany — 

As Videogamer reports, Konami has now revealed the development of a new Silent Hill game for Nintendo´s Wii.

The interesting bit is that we´re actually not talking about a port here, but about a new version of the very first game in the series.

Producer Tomm Hulett said:

Nintendo Raises Wii Trade Price in UK

nintendo wii.jpg
Germany — 

Nintendo has now increased the trade price of its Wii console in the UK. Nintendo said that the weak pound has forced them to these measures.

Due to the severe and continuing depreciation of the pound, we are, unfortunately, having to raise our trade price to UK retailers of Wii hardware. more...

Xbox 360 Leading Online Console, But PC Remains No.1

Germany — 

According to a new study by the research group NPD reveals that the Xbox 360 is the "console online gaming leader." The study was conducted between January 6-26 of 2009. more...

Quake on iPhone, id Developing for Wii?

iphone quake.jpg
Germany — 

The co-founder of id Software, John Carmack, known for revolutionary graphic evolvements and certain first person shooters, has now mentioned that his company is working on a Quake III port for the iPhone. The game might be quite close to the upcoming browser based Quake Live.

Carmack said to MTV:

EA ups support for Nintendo, announces Wii Dead Space

dead space.jpg
Germany — 

Electronic Art´s CEO John Riccitiello has now announced a Wii version of Redwood Shore´s survival-horror Dead Space. It is supposed to be released in the third quarter of 2009. more...

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Announced - for Wii

indiana jones.jpg
Germany — 

The absence of a next generation Indiana Jones game now comes to an end, though differently than gamers might have expected. A new trailer now confirmed a game with the title Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, but neither for Xbox 360 nor the Playstation 3. The game will be released on Nintendo´s Wii and DS. more...

SEGA Bringing Core Games to Wii?

Germany — 

The company SEGA has declared its believe that the Wii is capable of core games. In an interview, SEGA regarded the current market sutuation of Nintendo´s console, which consists mostly of mass-market family titles. But they hope to fix the lacking core-game-phenomena with titles like MadWorld and the Conduit.

The Wii's Full Gamecube Remake Line-up Revealed

Germany — 

In one of their recent commercials Nintendo reveals the GameCube classics they will release as Wii remake under the "New Play Control" label. Those remakes will support the Wii remote control, and come with improved graphics then. more...

Playstation 3 Beats Wii in Web Browsing

Germany — has reported that four times as many users surf the web on Sony´s Playstation 3 than on Nintendo´s Wii. more...