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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa: How a World Ended...

tabula rasa.jpg
Germany — 

How does a game world end? Gamasutra´s Chris Remo was there when NCsoft´s Tabula Rasa was played for the very last time.
Following you find his description, complete and unabridged. See what an experience it is to see a world end.

Last Friday, I visited a doomed world for the first time. more...

NCsoft Brings Apocalypse to Tabula Rasa (Update)

tabula rasa.jpg
Germany — 

NCsoft´s unsuccessful online game Tabula Rasa is shutting down today. However, the game is newsworthy one last time, because the world will not go down the tubes quietly. more...

Tabula Rasa is Subscription-Free Now

Germany — 

NCsoft decided to axe Tabula Rasa in February -- for underperformance. Originally, NCsoft planned January 10 to be the day when Tabula Rasa becomes subscription-free. But plans change, and NCsoft announced that as of now new players as well as those who've already played the game can join the fun for free. more...

City of Heroes: Issue 13 (and what an issue!) goes live

coH 13 (1).jpg
Germany — 

You have played and enjoyed Tabula Rasa and are now very sad because the servers will be shut down? more...

Tabula Rasa: No endgame content due to end of game

img_3237_tabularasa (2).jpg
Germany — 

Tabula Rasa, the newest MMO from Richard Garriott (of Ultima Online fame and therefore a pioneer of the genre that Blizzard by now dominates) was not really off to a very good start last year. After some major patches, many issues had been adressed and the small community slightly grew, but one of the major problems still was that the game ceased to be fun once you had a high-level character. There was just no really motivating endgame content in there. This will soon change with a major patch, which is about to bring some serious amount of endgame content into the game by ... ending it. (oh, see what I did there?) more...

Playboy Gaming Girls Pictorial (Update)

United States — 

Playboy magazine's current issue features a four page special of beautifully rendered gaming characters in the nude. Their Playing Rough pictorial contains girls from titles such as: more...

Tabula Rasa is Available in Europe and North America

United States — 

The latest massively multiplayer online game from NCsoft, Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa, is now in stores. While pre-order customers are already playing, the game will go live for everyone tomorrow. more...

General British announces End of Beta Event for Tabula Rasa

Germany — 

Update: For European Beta players of Tabula Rasa, the event will take place today, October 26th, from 19:00 to 21:00 BST (= 20:00 to 22:00 CET). This link has the details in English, French and German. more...

Tabula Rasa Slightly Delayed

United States — 

The launch date for Tabula Rasa has been pushed back by two weeks. The science-fiction-themed massively multiplayer online game was originally slated to release in Europe on October 16 and in North America on October 19. Now, the game will be released around November 2. more...