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Sony Firms Up Plans to Place More Advertising in Games

United States — 

Nearly everyone (except gamers) loves in-game advertising. It brings in extra cash for the game company, and even though gamers complain about the obtrusive ads, we keep purchasing games with in-game ads, sending the message to publishers that we don't mind the ads nearly as much as we seem to claim. Lots of new companies have sprung up to put those ads in games, and now Sony will have its own unit to do so. more...

Sony PlayStation 3 Price Drops to €399 in Europe

United States — 

To improve sales of its flagship PlayStation 3, Sony will drop the price on the PlayStation 3 console in Europe on October 10. more...

E3 2007: Little Big Planet amazes us

United States — 

An extremely patient Alex Evans, one of the Media Molecule founders, takes us on an tour through his escapism sandbox, called Little Big Planet. The game is primary a really neat looking, very versatile level editor. The special feature being, that you build the level while you and up to three friends are in it. more...

E3 2007: PSP Lite announced

United States — 

That the PSP is a shelf warmer compared to the Nintendo DS, has been confirmed by numerous publishers -- confidentially however. Now, at the E3 Media Festival in Santa Monica, Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai (pictured left) presents an enhanced version. The PSP Lite will, at the same price as the predecessor, be 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer. more...