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Drakensang Prequel: River of Time

Germany — 

Hamburg/Germany based publisher dtp entertainment has today confirmed that developer Radon Labs is working on a prequel to the award winning title The Dark Eye: Drakensang, which has won the “best German RPG 2008” award at the German Developer Awards. more...

The Dark Eye: Drakensang Trail

Germany — 

Better late then never. Publisher dtp entertainment announced the release of the english demo version of the RPG The Dark Eye: Drakensang. Three different characters are available in the demo version: Play either as Dwarf Mercenary, Andergastian Battle Mage or Silvan Elf Ranger. more...

Fable 2: Win Five Fabulous In-game Prizes

Germany — 

In preparation for the Fable 2 launch next week Lionhead Studios launched a brand-new Fable 2 site. Apart from videos, screenshots and the usual stuff you'd expect on there, the new site enables players to win some fabulous in-game items in the story-driven Flash game A Hero's Tale. more...

Square Enix: "Chrono Trigger DS" (Update)

chrono_trigger (1).jpg
Germany — 

UPDATE: Weekly Shōnen Jump, a Japanese magazine, has now confirmed that Square Enix are working on Chrono Trigger DS. The first info bits available seem to indicate that it is not going to be new, but rather a port of the SNES game. Probably we can even hope for additional content (similar to the Final Fantasy ports for the GBA).

Square Enix, known for their console role-playing franchises (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest) have launched a countdown site very recently. All you can see on there is the Nintendo DS logo and a big clock that's ticking. The URL of this site runs under the name, and the easiest explanation for this would be that ctds stands for Chrono Trigger DS, also considering that the series has got to do with time travel. more...

The real Gothic 3 successor? Piranha Byte's new project RPB

rpb 2 (1).jpg
Germany — 

Piranha Bytes, the German developer of the Gothic series, is off to a new start after having split with their publisher JoWood approximately a year ago. more...

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods confirmed

Germany — 

Austrian game publisher JoWood has confirmed that there will be an official add-on for its very successful (at least in German speaking countries) 3D-RPG Gothic 3. more...

Mazes of Fate Coming to the DS

United States — 

Last month, Graffiti Entertainment, part of Signature Devices, confirmed that it plans to release Mazes of Fate for the DS before the end of June.
Just in case you forgot, Signature Devices is making a big deal out of the whole thing as the company works harder to make its way as a video game publisher. more...

Gary Gygax Dies at Age 69

United States — 

Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, died yesterday at age 69. Gygax’s influence on hobby games and pencil & paper is unquestionably enormous, but many gamers are not aware of his indirect impact on computer and video games. more...

Mass Effect Launch Trailer on

Germany — 

Past night, BioWare (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic) released the launch trailer for their Xbox 360 Action-RPG, Mass Effect, which will be released on November 20th in North America and November 23rd in Europe.

Grab the trailer from, direkt links are:


Puzzle Quest available for PC in German(y)

Germany — 

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords that was originally released for DS, PSP, and Xbox 360 and teased PC players with a demo only is now available for PC on the German site Gamesload. It costs 19,95 € and is a full German version. more...