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Mirror's Edge Special Edition announced

Germany — 

Electronic Arts announced they will release a special edition of their upcoming Parkour game Mirror's Edge. The unique thing about it will be a stylish runner's bag (made by the company Timbuk2) which can be used to transport valuable information in the real world. Unfortunately, the innovative Special Edition won't see a PC release at the current state of information. more...

Alone in the Dark: 360 patch only if press likes PS3 version?

Germany — 

Eden Games' Alone in the Dark for the Xbox 360 and PC has received mixed reviews. With some more months of final polish the survival experience could have easily gained the status of a truly memorial rebirth of Alone in the Dark . But the rushed release showed its flaws: sloppy controls, camera problems and bugs still plague the Xbox 360 and PC version of the game. more...

LucasArts: No PC version of The Force Unleashed planned

Germany — 

New old rumors came up that LucasArts' newest Star Wars installment The Force Unleashed may be released for PC as well. Pixelux Entertainment, the creators behind the physics of the game, said at the nVision 08: "We have a PC version [of The Force Unleashed] as well." However, this wasn't confirmed by LucasArts at all. more...

Mirror's Edge gets PS3 exclusive content

Germany — 

Despite false reports, EA Dice's parkour action-thriller Mirror's Edge is no timed PS3 exclusive. more...

First Prince of Persia Developer Diary

Germany — 

The developers at Ubisoft Montreal made a first behind the scene video for the new Prince of Persia. In the short video you'll meet some of the developers who explain the open world, the fighting system and more about their highly-anticipated new game.

Need for Speed Undercover with new website

Germany — 

EA, still one of the biggest game publishers (directly after Activision-Blizzard), is responsible for the newest Need for Speed title called Undercover. We reported on our first impressions a while ago. more...

Three New Singstar Games

SingStar Logo_600.png
Germany — 

Sony didn't forget their PS2. They develop the new SingStar game "Singstar Disney" exclusively for the good old Playstation 2. But Sony will also release two new PS3 versions: They're called Turkish Singstar and Singstar 3, which includes songs by Michael Jackson.

Heavy Rain: New screenshots pouring down

heavyrain (1).jpg
Germany — 

Most probably, this is not the big news for you that it is for me, because after all we are only dealing with a bunch of new screenshots here. But: I am probably the biggest fan of the game Fahrenheit alive and this is why I simply can't wait for the next game from developer Quantic Dream, which runs under the name Heavy Rain. more...

Naughty Dog: Barely scratching surface of PS3

playstation3 (3).jpg
Germany — 

In a recent interview dealing with the added trophy support to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Richard Lemarchand (co-game designer for developer Naughty Dog) also talked about the sys more...

Little Big Planet meets God of War

kratos_sackboy (1).jpg
Germany — 

Little Big Planet, for a long time now the most important exclusive title for Sony's PS3 and known for its many innovative presentations (one of those was definitely the highlight of the, apart from that, rather highlight-less Sony press conference on this year's E3), definitely looks like it could be a system-seller. more...