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PlayStation 3

Mirror's Edge: Running Like a Pro

Germany — 

Mirror’s Edge, EA DICE’s FPS surprise this year, comes with simple, yet hard-to-master controls, an exciting campaign, and a fleshed-out Time Trial Mode. That parkour running isn´t as easy as it may look at first sight becomes clear when you see the rankings of the world's best runners in Time Trial Mode -- oftentimes way ahead of your very own time. Bettering your own time is a hard thing to do if you don't know how; and the implemented ghost feature isn´t a real help either. Once the ghost is out of sight, you’re practically on your own again. Running like a professional in Mirror’s Edge is hard work. David Legitt’s dedicated runners’ site Bag Runners demonstrates you the ins and outs though that do make a difference. more...

1080p Fighter SSF2T HD Remix Upscales Character Art

Germany — 

No sooner was Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix released on XBL and PSN, some players already noticed unusual artifacts in the character sprites. Capcom’s reincarnation of the famous 2D fighter comes with full HD 1080p support. The backgrounds of the fighting arenas are crisp -- however, the character sprites are not. Sign for some serious HD upscaling? more...

Prince of Persia Demo Only After Release, DLC Already Planned

Germany — 

In a recently released interview with Jan-Erik Sjovall from Ubisoft he stated that there will no pre-release demo of the new Prince of Persia game. Furthermore he stated that there will only be a demo after the release of the retail game, for they are still fixing the one or other bug which apparently left no time for putting up a demo. However, Ubisoft already considers DLC content of "significant value" for the newest PoP installment. more...

Street Fighter IV Sees Official Release in February

Germany — 

Mid-November is Capcom announcement time; first Xbox Live arcade remake HD Remix, now the newest installment Street Fighter IV for the consoles. SFIV will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 17 in the States, and February 20 in Europe. The official announcement reads: more...

Mirror's Edge: Xbox 360 or PS3?

ME teaser2.png
Germany — 

The first-person platformer Mirror's Edge came gold out of the oven of EA DICE's games forge and is to ship for both consoles on November 11 (Nov 4 for Europeans). First reviews with (seemingly) flattering scores are also beginning to rush in. Mirror's Edge is almost ready for launch. But are you ready for Mirror's Edge? We have collected the most interesting bits and pieces of information regarding story, gameplay, and graphics of what is probably EA's most innovative title. Also included are rare footage, and a side-by-side comparison for both console versions. more...

GTA IV PC Delayed, Rockstar Details Specs

Germany — 

Although they first had announced a November 18 release date, Rockstar now postponed the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV to December 2. Reasons for the delay of the PC port were not given. GTA IV came out in April this year for both Xbox 360 and PS3. A little consolation? Rockstar gave further details on the PC specification for their action driving game. more...

Console War Round #304: Fallout 3 Better on Xbox 360?

Germany — 

Next round, next game. This time it's Fallout 3. In the latest issue of the Playstation 3 Magazine the UK editors spent some time with both console versions of Fallout 3 as part of their game review. Obviously unbiased (and to the disadvantage of all PS3 fanboys) they mentioned that, apparently, the PS3 version lacks some quality over its Xbox 360 counterpart. more...

Street Fighter IV: "This Winter" on US Shores

Germany — 

That Street Fighter IV already runs fabulously on home consoles could be test-played at Germany's GC08 already. But when SFIV would hit western shores had been announced nowhere yet. SFIV producer Yoshi Ono, though, now gave details on the western release of Capcom's newest fighter, which is expected to fix the market abyss that fighting games have fallen into. (Some would even go this far to blame Virtua Fighter for all the allegedly inaccessible complexity that some fighting games have come to.) more...

Soulcalibur IV: Vader VS Yoda No More a Rumor

Germany — 

Having Star Wars character aboard surely helped Soulcalibur IV to spread its wings on the games market that has gotten relatively dim over the time for fighting games. That Vader would finally come to the Xbox 360, and Yoda to the PS3 as part of downloadable content hasn't only been a simple rumor. There were even videos show-casing a Soulcalibur IV build with both Star Wars characters fighting each other. Now it's official, at least for Japanese gamers at first: In Japan as of October 23rd Yoda will be available as PS3 DLC for ¥600 (roughly $5.99) whereas his dark-sided counterpart Vader can be purchased for 400 Microsoft points ($5.00) on Xbox Live. more...

Rumor: Mirror's Edge Demo Due out Nov. 6

Germany — listed the Mirror's Edge demo to be available to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners on Thursday, November 6th. That's at least what they tagged on their pre-order bonus sheet for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Mirror's Edge (as can be seen in the teaser image above). more...