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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout -- the New Adventure Star?

edna bricht aus (1).jpg
Germany — 

German developer Daedalic Entertainment recently released the game Edna Bricht Aus in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Releases in additional territories are about to follow and the english name is already set as Edna & Harvey: The Breakout; you can also have a look at the english version of the website. more...

Funcom outlines future of Age of Conan

age of conan keep (1).jpg
Germany — 

Just to let you know that the people working for were obviously able to squeeze some more information out of Funcom about what they have in mind for the future of Age of Conan, which celebrated a very successful start in the last month; the game has by now shipped over a million units. more...

Hellgate London: Staff Is Jumping Ship

hellgate_logo (1).jpg
Germany — 

After finally having released the new big content patch The Abyss Chronicles on the test servers for critically not really well acclaimed Hellgate: London, the news about the game developed by Flagship Studios don't seem to get better. more...

"Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir" In The Making

NWN_logo (1).jpg
Germany — 

The spanish fan site first had the news online and by now IGN has checked back with Matthew Rorie, PR and Product Manager from developer Obsidian, to make sure that it is really true; and it is: There is definitely a second add-on for Neverwinter Nights 2 in the making: Neverwinter Nights 2: Storms of Zehir. more...

Team Fortress 2: Next update with focus on Pyro

Germany — 

According to a recent message from Valve, the next update for Team Fortress 2 is almost wrapped up. Having a very strong focus on the Pyro class this time and therefore bringing new achievements and unlockable weapons into the game. more...

Alone in the Dark Tech Demo Wrap-Up

alone 1.png
Germany — 

The release of Atari's newest blockbuster title Alone in the Dark draws closer. The team around Eden Games producer Nour Polloni has released a must-see set of impressive demo videos showcasing their unique real world engine and that the player's action in the game is only limited to his imagination. more...

Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate & Icewind Dale in Hi-Res

Germany — 

Mass Effect, out now for PC, was developed by Bioware and is the new hope on the horizon for many RPG gamers, featuring stunning HD graphics with top notch character models and outstanding animations. RPGs have not always been like that. more...

Resident Evil 5: developed on PC for PC and consoles

Austria — 

Resident Evil 5 is being mainly developed for the PC and then ported to consoles. more...

Age of Conan: Still Chances For War Mammoths

Germany — 

You are probably already ferouciously battling in Hyboria by now, and you might even have been lucky to order a Pre-Order or Collector's Edition for "Age of Conan" early enough before they were all sold out. Which would mean that you might think that you will forever be the only ones riding on a War Mammoth. more...

Burnout Paradise announced for the PC

gg_burnout paradise.jpg
Germany — 

Electronic Arts and the developer of Burnout Paradise, Criterion Games, announced yesterday, that the game about racing and mayhem is going to be ported for the PC.

Not much else is known at this point, but they said that the game will get an overhaul for the windows platform, with extra multiplayer content and community driven content.