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Xbox 360 Leading Online Console, But PC Remains No.1

Germany — 

According to a new study by the research group NPD reveals that the Xbox 360 is the "console online gaming leader." The study was conducted between January 6-26 of 2009. more...

Braid heads for PC in March with reduced price

braid (1).jpg
Germany — 

Braid, the most innovative indie game of 2008, which was originally released on XBox Live Arcade in August last year, will ship to PC on March 31 2009. Stardock recently announced this, the game can already be pre-ordered via their digital distribution platform Impulse. more...

Drakensang Prequel: River of Time

Germany — 

Hamburg/Germany based publisher dtp entertainment has today confirmed that developer Radon Labs is working on a prequel to the award winning title The Dark Eye: Drakensang, which has won the “best German RPG 2008” award at the German Developer Awards. more...

No Fable 2 for PC Gamers

fable 2.jpg
Germany — 

Lionhead has now destroyed hope for many PC players out there, by stating that they are not working on a PC port of its prosperous RPG Fable II. This comes as somewhat unexpected, as they did not deny a PC version so far, and because they did port the first Fable.

F.E.A.R. 2 Demo Haunting the PC & Console World

Germany — 

A single player demo for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin is available now for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. According to Microsoft's official Major Nelson, the demo on Xbox Live won't be available in both Germany and Asia. PC gamers, however, can go to to download the Windows version of the demo, (once the download link is up and working on that site). more...

Does Sony's Little Big Planet Gain Serious Competition with Microsoft's creative Kodu?

Germany — 

The gaming world is devoid of titles that allow players to create their own environments. Besides Little Big Planet on Sony's PlayStation 3 you'll have a hard time finding such a game. But even LBP didn't live up to its high promises: not everyone can create levels in Little Big Planet. more...

Fallout 3 level cap to be raised to Level 30 with DLC

Germany — 

If I announce on January 8th of 2009 that I have just seen the most mesmerizing screenshot of the year, than that probably doesn't really count as much. more...

360 Left 4 Dead Patch Stops Local Cheating

left 4 dead.jpg
Germany — 

Last month the Left 4 Dead servers for the Xbox 360 received a much needed patch that brought ruthless cheating on Xbox Live to a halt. Players were able to spawn sheer endless amounts of weapons, items, enemies, and more on- and offline. more...

Crayon Physics Deluxe Released -- Now With Demo Too

Germany — 

The full version of Crayon Physics Deluxe has been released for the PC. Worldwide available from the official site for US$ 19.95 -- and possibly from other digital distributors later as well -- the puzzle game designed by Finish programer Petri Purho challenges you to guide a ball to the goal only through your drawings with the mouse which "magically transform into real physical objects." In order to get an idea of the game, a second official trailer has surfaced at Vimeo. Also, a game demo (24.5 MB) with the first 8 levels can be downloaded here. more...

EVE Online houses 45.186 players at once; sets record

eve online (1).jpg
Germany — 

One of the most complex and unforgiving MMO's out there, EVE Online, has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and can happily conclude that more and more players are sacrificing time in their real life to make a living in New Eden, where the game is set. Recently, 45.186 users were online at the same time. This breaks the old record of over 35.000 concurrent users. more...