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EA wants to release a Mirror's Edge Soundtrack

Germany — 

Mirror's Edge is one of EA's most important games this year, so the American publisher decided to release a remix album of the parkour-inspired action game. more...

Bethesda Releases 3 Pieces of Music from Fallout 3

Germany — 

New pieces of information for one of my most anticipated games have been released. Bethesda has put 3 tracks from the soundtrack of Fallout 3 online. You can listen to them here

German readers should choose English language, it seems that the link is not working correctly in the german version of the site... more...

How Much Would You Pay for a Guitar With Five Fret Buttons?

United States — 

Are you obsessed with Guitar Hero? Are your friends? Obsessed enough that you would pay nearly $400 for a PlayStation 2 controller? ArtGuitar, a company known for creating custom guitars plans to release a seriously high-end guitar controller for the PlayStation 2 at the end of this year. more...