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id Software

id: Rage Won´t Be Out This Year!

Germany — 

The new open-world shooter by id Software, namely Rage, will not be released in 2009. CEO Todd Hollenshead leaves no doubt about this sad piece of news, saying:

[Rage] won't be out this year.

Quake on iPhone, id Developing for Wii?

iphone quake.jpg
Germany — 

The co-founder of id Software, John Carmack, known for revolutionary graphic evolvements and certain first person shooters, has now mentioned that his company is working on a Quake III port for the iPhone. The game might be quite close to the upcoming browser based Quake Live.

Carmack said to MTV:

Quake Live Beta

quake live.JPG
Germany — 

id Software has announced a date for the beta launch of their upcoming free-to-play shooter Quake Live. The date is set for February 24.

If you want to participate, you need an id Beta Account, which can be done here. Visit the official Quake Live website to sign up for the beta.

Doom 4 Storywriter Exposed

Germany — 

Not much information has reached the gaming community about the title Doom 4 - until now. Fantasy author Graham Joyce has confirmed his involvement with the game in question.

I'll also be working on the computer game Doom 4 for ID Software. I've been playing Doom for some years.

id Software announces Doom 4, seeks help

Germany — 

Today id Software announced that the production on the fourth installment for the "Doom"-series (Doom 4) has begun and that the internal team working on it is currently still expanding. Todd Hollenshead, CEO at id Software, said in a press release that he only wants to pick the very best people for this demanding job: more...

2007 Mod of the Year Awards: Player's Choice Results

United States — 

The winners of the moddb.com Mod of the Year 2007 players choice awards are in. Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2 based titles take the lead when it comes to modifications, while independent games rely heavily on id Software's source code. more...

Wolfenstein Movie Director Involved in Car Crash

United States — 

Return to Castle Wolfenstein director Roger Avary was behind the wheel on January 13th, 2008 when his car crashed. With him were his wife, who remains hospitalized due to the injuries and Andreas Zedini, who died in a hospital after firefighters extricated him from the car. more...

Doom For PSP: New Version Out

United Kingdom — 

An updated version of the PSP Doom port is out. Before you ask: Network play is not supported (yet). The release works with 3.x kernel PSP's and is based on the Amiga DoomPPC v1.7. The 6,64 MByte package comes with the source code and the shareware version of the id Software shooter. more...

Concept Art Event with Valve, Blizzard, id Software and More

United States — 

ConceptArt.org and Massive Black Inc. are holding a Concept Art event in January 2008. Sporting an impressive list of workshop instructors, such as: more...

Mrs.Carmack talks games and hubby

United States — 

Katherine Anna Kang of Fountainhead Entertainment delivers a rather fun to read interview for Gamasutra.com. She talks about the Doom RPG success and the upcoming Orcs & Elves 2, possible console titles and how husband John Carmack is involved in all of what's going on. more...