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Google Unravels their Mysterious Data Center

Germany — 

Google has now allowed a first public view in their data center. You find a video-tour here. more...

Chrome with Adblocker and no Spyware? It's called SRWare Iron

Germany — 

Chrome, Google's attack on the browser world, has finally surpassed version 1.0. Because Chrome comes with spying side effects we already recommended the Google Chrome alternative SRWare Iron to you back then. It is not only based on the latest Chrome engine but, without Google's spyware running in the background, it also comes with an integrated ad-blocker now. more...

Google Chrome without Spyware? Try SRWare Iron

Germany — 

Google's new browser Chrome introduced new features, fast and comfortable browsing all neatly round off with a slick-n'-slim design. In case you didn't know yet: With their new browser "Google is actually monitoring your entire surfing behavior, not merely the searches you may conduct via their search engine," prove fantomNews on their site. However, there is a spyware-free alternative: SRWare Iron. more...

Google CTF: First Chrome, now 3D gaming with Lively?

Germany — 

Web-mammuth Google longs to capture the flag of the browser market with Chrome--something Firefox hasn't been able to manage since its release. Microsoft still holds the lion share as over 70% of the web-browsing people use the Internet Explorer. That doesn't stop Google to shoot forward, or straight upward right through the roof, though. Google now wants to open their brand-new, web-embeddable 3D virtual world Lively to 3D game developing. Can we imagine a Quake running in our browser? more...

Google releases own browser: Google Chrome

Germany — 

This news is not really about games, but as everyone uses a browser, it is still essential to know this. Google has done the next step to dominate the market for web-based content by creating their own browser: Google Chrome. more...

Google Launching In-Game Ads Service

Sweden — 

Google is said to launch a game-focused advertising initiative later this month, to test the terrain for in-game ads.

As part of this test, Google is going to embed 15-second, “video-type” pre-roll and mid-roll ads in some of Bunchball’s casual games. Bunchball in recent months has started offering casual games as Facebook apps. more...

Flight Simulator hidden inside Google Earth

Sweden — 

Google Earth 4.2 contains a flight simulator as a hidden feature. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + A puts you in the cockpit of a F16 or SR22 and sends you on a trip through the photorealistic scenery of the Google mapping application. more...