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EVE Online houses 45.186 players at once; sets record

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Germany — 

One of the most complex and unforgiving MMO's out there, EVE Online, has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and can happily conclude that more and more players are sacrificing time in their real life to make a living in New Eden, where the game is set. Recently, 45.186 users were online at the same time. This breaks the old record of over 35.000 concurrent users. more...

EVE Online Electing Player Governing Group

United States — 

CCP Games, the company behind the massively multiplayer online game Eve Online, has started the process of having players elect the Council of Stellar Management for Eve Online. more...

Eve Online Releases Second Economic Report

United States — 

Whether you are a hardcore trader in the massively multiplayer online game Eve online or just someone with an academic interest in the economic aspects of massively multiplayer online games, CCP Games has released something of interest. more...

Eve Online Update Kills Windows XP

United States — 

Eve Online players may want to be careful when upgrading to the recent Trinity graphics and content update. According to this post on the official forums, upgrading can corrupt PCs running Windows XP. more...

EVE Online World Expansion: Trinity

Austria — 

The next EVE world expansion, called Trinity (which is also the name of the new gfx engine), is going to take place on December 5th.

The expansion's main feature are the updated graphics. They have been rebuild from scratch, which, summed up for all developers involved, took 50 man-years.

The expansion also gives you: more...

Massive Report Released on the Eve Online In-Game Economy

United States — 

In June of this year, CCP Games hired Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson to be the in-world economist for its massively multiplayer online game Eve Online. This week, Dr. Guðmundsson released Eve Online’s first Quarterly Economic Newsletter. more...

Eve Online Now Supports Mac and Linux

United States — 

CCP Games has released Mac and Linux clients for Eve Online, its science fiction-themed massively multiplayer online game. more...

Next EVE Online Patch supports MAC and Linux

Spain — 

The developers of EVE online stated in their forums, that the next major patch to the game will have "formal support Mac OS X and Linux". The Patch was renamed from "Revelations III" to "Trinity" and is about to be deployed next Tuesday, November 6th.

Source: EVE Online Forums

EVE-Online: graphics, content and a lot of upgrades in upcoming November expansion


“Trinity: The expansion you have to see” is the header of a brief news item on the CCP official site, giving an overview of the November expansion, that will equip EVE with a brand new graphics engine. more...

EVE online patch to Revelations 2.0.2


Space MMORPG EVE online has undergone a patch tuesday 17th of July. Everything went as scheduled and servers are up, running and stable again. You can savely switch back to your "short-term" skill training...

Not much this time, just some minor fixes as can be seen from the patch notes here.