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E3 2007

E3: Rest in peace

United States — 

You can either be one of the major publishers, invite only selected journalists and spend 10 times more money despite a significantly smaller sized E3. Or you could just rent a place right in between the big players and invite everybody and their mother. That's kind of like the Gamecock Media Group did it, who wanted to be part of E3, without being officially part of it. more...

E3 2007: Fallout 3 is actually Fallout 3D

United States — 

So it's true: Fallout 3 is actually a Fallout in 3D! But the first shock begins to fade, as the one hour presentation of the game takes its course at the E3 Media Festival. And in the end, it turns into a very pleasant feeling of certainty: Bethesda hasn't violated the heritage of the (isometric) tactic RPGs, but instead transforms them for the current millennia. more...

E3 2007: Little Big Planet amazes us

United States — 

An extremely patient Alex Evans, one of the Media Molecule founders, takes us on an tour through his escapism sandbox, called Little Big Planet. The game is primary a really neat looking, very versatile level editor. The special feature being, that you build the level while you and up to three friends are in it. more...

E3 2007: Hellgate London is done, when it's done

United States — 

We talked to Tyler Thomson (pictured above), Director of Technology at Flagship Studios, who gave us a Hellgate London tour. The game looks very solid and leaves us with the impression that it's pretty much done. more...

E3 2007: Halo Wars only on Xbox 360?

United States — 

Some time in 2008, there'll be a spin-off to Bungies Halo. Which takes a lot of elements from the original to the small scale – and it's supposed to be a Xbox 360 exclusive title. more...

E3 2007: Assassin's Creed Hands-on

United States — 

Finally, Assassin's Creed was playable at E3 for a few seconds, instead of just having to watch it from a distance. Mainly though, one of the Ubisoft employees played, so you could a get a glimpse at everything. Despite the nanny, we were thrilled: „GTA at the time of the crusades“ is a fitting, as well a completely wrong description of the game. more...

PS3: US price drop not matched in Europe

Germany — 

We have just learned an hour ago from David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, that the announced price drop of the current 60-GB-version of PlayStation 3 in the US, from 599 to 499 USD will not be matched in the European territories. The announcement was made at a reception in Venice Beach, California. more...

E3 2007: Unreal Tournament 3

United States — 

The official E3 Trailer (see story links on the right) gives it away: Unreal Tournament 3 is set for a November 2007 release on the PC and Playstation 3. more...

E3 2007: Sega Rally - 15 new screens

United States — 

Sega makes 15 new screenshots available of its upcoming Sega Rally. more...

E3 2007: Nintendo Press Conference

United States — 

The first day at the E3 Media Festival started with the press conference of Nintendo, in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The bulky statue (more on that later) of Reggie Fils-Amie (pictured above, center) moves onto the stage -- he's the president and COO of Nintendo America, and well known for his pompous talk. more...