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Crysis avoided: Crytek buys Free Radical (Update!)

timesplitters (1).jpg
Germany — 

When staff of UK-based Free Radical Design found the doors of their studio locked one week before Christmas last year, it was evident that the creators of the famous Timesplitters series (and the rather infamous shooter Haze) were in serious trouble. more...

Crytek launches official Crysis community website

Germany — 

"Gather. Exchange. Play." as it's motto, MyCrisis has become the new home and official community website for Crysis players worldwide. Crysis veterans as well as beginners can harvest every piece of information regarding Crytek's genre-defining shooter there: news, dev talk, in-depth Crysis guides, Crysis mods & configs, an official forum--you name it and the site most likely got it. more...

Crytek finished Crysis Warhead

Germany — 

German developer Crytek (known for their shooters Far Cry and Crysis) has a Studio in Hungary. Those guys had the difficult job to produce Crysis Warhead, which is the first (stand alone) add-on for the succesful FPS Crysis. more...

Crysis Mod: Getting the Most out of Your PC

Germany — 

Back when Crysis was released the game longed for more 3D power than an average (or even high-end) PC could have possibly delivered. Today, the money one has to spend in order to fully enjoy Crysis in all its graphical glory is considerably high. The Crysis Modding Community wasn't lazy though: they have created a mod that allows you to automatically configure Crysis according to the individual specifications of your system. more...

Crysis Warhead: Fight as (a) Psycho -- on PC only

Germany — 

Crysis was one of (and maybe the) technically most advanced games in 2007, on any platform. But it was also harmed by piracy and its PC exclusivity, according to EA's European Publishing boss Dr. Jens-Uwe Intat, whom we've talked to recently. Now, in order to finally make some money (our interpretation!) with the franchise, Crysis gets an... add-on? successor? more...

What Really Happened: Crysis 2 Screenhots

United States — 

Their Story: Czech Crysis fansite publishes a story entitled Crysis 2? Screenshots. Along with this story, they post three stunningly beautiful images which are supposed to be seen as proof, that these might be taken from the already announced Crysis 2. Over the next days, international gaming news sites pick up on this and spread the word. Quite a few commenter's react with disbelief, calling the images fake and photshopped. more...

Crysis-PC for only 600€

Germany — 

Over the Christmas holidays, Crytec ran an in-house experiment, with the goal to build a computer that could run Crysis on "High" and should cost around 900 US dollars (~600Euros)

here's the hardware:

  1. CPU Intel Core2Duo E6750
  2. GPU GeForce 8800GT 512MB
  3. Motherboard NVIDIA nForce 650i Socket 775 more...

Crysis Patch 1.1

Germany — 

This is just a short notice to let you know that you can get the first Crysis Patch here (several mirrors). While the patch is supposed to improve the hardware hungry shooter's performance issues "on many PCs", there is no mentioning of solving certain AI problems which are among the few flaws the game has. more...

Crysis on its way to Xbox 360 ?

Germany — 

Austrias game dealer gamesonly maybe knows some more than others? Although Crysis for consoles is far away from an announcement, you can already pre-order the game for your Xbox 360. A joke? more...

Crysis 2: Crytek Gives First Info

Germany — 

Lichtblick 4D Meet&Greet is the name of a game developers meeting in Berlin, Germany where Steven Bender, Head of Animation at Crytek Studios, revealed some infos on the upcoming second part of Blockbuster shooter Crysis. more...