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Age of Conan

Age of Conan Still Coming to Xbox 360 (Update)

Germany — 

Although the online game Age of Conan is not as prosperous as anticipated on the PC, developer Funcom is still determined to release the game on the Xbox 360. Erling Ellingsen, product manager of Funcom, stated this during an interview with MTV Multiplayer . more...

Age of Conan: Phoenix from the Ashes?

aoc ggcom.jpg
Germany — 

Age of Conan, no matter how promising and hyped it might have been in its first month after having been released, has gone a long way down. While the gameplay was innovative and fun during the first 20 levels, it pretty much changed after that. more...

Funcom Offers Free Trial of Age of Conan

age of conan 1.jpg
Germany — 

Funcom has now announced that their MMO Age of Conan will be available as a free trial version. Players can try out the whole game for seven days without paying a cent.

Vie President of Sales at Marketing, Morten Larssen, commented this decesion is follows:

CFO Loses Job because of Age of Conan

age of conan.jpg
Germany — 

Funcom has now reported their financial results of the fourth quarter. It reveals a loss of $23.3 million, which is mostly caused by the bad performance of Age of Conan. more...

Funcom: Age of Conan will Continue to Exist

age of conan.jpg
Germany — 

After the server merging of the MMO Age of Conan, developer Funcom has refused to see this step as "the beginning of the end."

Funcom sees the reduced number of servers (now 18, formerly 49) as an opportunity to improve the gameplay for the remaining players. more...

Age of Conan: Nearly Two Thirds of Servers Closing

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Germany — 

The mmo Age of Conan is getting some attention again. As reported earlier, the remaining servers of the game will be merged together. Resulting, only 18 global servers will remain for the online players (former 49 servers worldwide). more...

Server Consolidation: Beginning of the End of Age of Conan?

Germany — 

When Age of Conan was released in May 2008, it looked like the potential new, strong guy in the MMO sector (one league behind WoW, of course). Soon, 800.000 players were enjoying a very polished beginner's island, which nearly felt like a solo RPG, then headed on to the city of their birth, with an enormous game world opening beyond that. more...

Age of Conan available via Steam

AoC_Artwork_06 copy600.jpg
Germany — 

Age of Conan, the new fantasy MMORPG by Norwegian developer Funcom (Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey) is now also available via Steam. You can buy the game for US$53,99 (or 38 euros). more...

Age of Conan slated for Xbox 360 in 2009

Germany — 

The original plan was to come up with an Xbox 360 Age of Conan one year after its PC release. However, the console MMO project, which is in development since Dec. 2006, was delayed in the face of the PC launch of Age of Conan this year which longed for much maintenance (bug fixing), and additional content to keep the community playing. Good news is that the Xbox 360 version is still being developed, aimed for a 2009 release. more...

Age of Conan: More than 700.000 Subscribers

age of conan (1).jpg
Germany — 

Age of Conan always seemed to be the underdog on the MMO market. Why should anybody want to play a game set in the universe of a very aged barbarian out of some 80ies movies (the original Conan books by Robert E. Howard are from the 30ies)? more...