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Leipzig cancels Games Convention, announces GCO

Germany — 

The Games Convention (GC), which developed into one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world over the last years, will not be held in 2009 as was announced today. more...

New Zelda Wii in 2009?

Germany — 

I hope this is not an old hat to anyone:

Capital Markets' analyst Colin Sebastian has predicted a new Zelda title in Nintendo┬┤s 2009 product line-up. He lists this title along with other like Resident Evil 5 and Starcraft 2. more...

gamescom and GC to be held at the exact same dates in 2009

gamescom (4).jpg
Germany — 

Over the last few years, while the E3 in Los Angeles got ever smaller and smaller, Germany has become the country of one of the biggest gaming conventions this world has to offer, thanks to the Games Convention that took place in the german city of Leipzig since the year 2002. more...