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Wii Zapper: Video Review

Using the Wii Zapper

While the Zapper alone is certainly not worth the 20 Dollars (let's not speak about the 40+ Dollars wily traders will charge you at the moment), there's also a game included: Links's Crossbow Training. It consists of nine levels (with three stages each) with varying locations and tasks. Well, the basic task always is to point and shoot straight, but there are many variations. While you start out to shoot at large, unmoving target discs, the same discs in later scenarios might move at high speed or behind other discs you must not hit. Some levels let you turn 360 degrees so you have to watch a radar to avoid nasty surprises. In yet others, you will move around using the Nunchuk. Left and Right will let you strafe, so turning is accomplished by pointing the Zapper at the left or right edge of your TV screen -- this is not very intuitive, and also slow. A better way of moving and looking would be to use the Nunchuk's joystick for both, pressing the Z button (or keeping it pressed) to change modes. In Link's Crossbow Training, this button is used for Zooming, and it's really hard to reach the other buttons of the Wii Remote Control because of the two-handed way you hold the Zapper. But as, for example, the Wii's built-in Photo Channel shows, you could "zooom" by simply holding the Zapper closer to the TV screen.

In the next video, you can watch our editor in his very first minutes (this explains his inaccuracy, we think) of playing Link's Crossbow Training. Notice the revolutionary shoulder or 3d person perspective our camera guy used...

The trigger (that is, the B button) is used for shooting, the A button pauses the game. There's nothing more to be said about the interface, after all, this is a light gun shooter, not a flight simulation. In the game, you can have three modes of shooting: The normal shot, the power shoot (keep the trigger pulled for 3 seconds, then release) and auto fire. That's right, Link has the first repeating crossbow in video gaming history! If you shoot an opponent which is green (in later levels, this tend to be small fairies in the background), this gives you an MP for about 15 seconds. Which is very, very rewarding...

Tuber (not verified)
0 EXP -
December 7, 2007 - 03:05 #

I like your videos, I think I will subscribe to them! Your accent is funny, but don't worry!

405 EXP -
December 7, 2007 - 17:20 #

Back in the day, we didn't need fancy on-screen crosshairs for duckhunt... and the gun was way cooler. ;P

1 EXP -
December 8, 2007 - 01:42 #

Very great videos.
I hope there will be released even more videos like these in the future.

5433 EXP -
December 8, 2007 - 02:10 #

Thank you guys! As the videos were surprisingly fun (and easy) to make, you might see more of them here in the future...

555 EXP -
December 9, 2007 - 11:24 #

Well I don't mind the extra bracket in the first sentence but the "because one failure resets your multiplayer to 1. " on page 4 bugs me ;)

Great review! So much work for a little piece of plastic :D

158 EXP -
December 12, 2007 - 09:58 #

Jörg, I think your accent is funny in German, too ;) [no, don't hit me, just kidding!]

5433 EXP -
December 12, 2007 - 18:05 #

Ouch, that hurts! BTW, one guy left a comment on YouTube because I obviously said "Oh my gosh" in the multiplayer video. His comment was thought provoking and concise at the same time: "You suck".

555 EXP -
December 12, 2007 - 19:11 #

Psh, what did you expect?
Youtube is just another platform swarmed with trolls and little impolite kiddies.

Anonymous (not verified)
0 EXP -
December 19, 2007 - 23:15 #

Good videos, I especially like the 3rd person view.

555 EXP -
January 8, 2008 - 14:15 #

I've now finally played with the wii zapper at a friend.
It's quite nice and reacts as good as I expected.
I owned at Link's Crossbow Training, among other things I got ~54k points on (I believe it was) 1-3 ^^