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Gothic 3 Community Patch 1.6 released

Gothic 3 Community Patch 1.6 released

Germany — 

Johann Ertl, Community Manager of JoWooD Productions, announced the release of the Community Patch 1.6 for Gothic 3 on the official forums.

Downloadmirrors for the 69,5MB big patch, as well as the changelog, can be found in the official Announcement. The patch requires a Gothic 3-installation already patched to version 1.12 (the last official patch release).

The Community Patch 1.6 is the first patch for which the JoWooD Community Team cooperated with Spellbound Entertainment, which are currently working on Gothic 4 Genesis. While the community team concentrated on gameplay enhancements and fixes, the Spellbound Entertainment team worked on the engine. These changes include a revamped memory management and fixes for several crashes that led to the famous "Guru"-error.

1470 EXP -
February 7, 2008 - 13:42 #

Hmm, I have the collectors edition on my shelf since day one, but I'm not sure if I can ever forgive them this disaster, so I'm not sure I will ever give the game a second try, no matter how good the patches make the game.

Anybody here played the game recently with the latest patches? Did the game get a great overhaul or is it just superficial window-dressing?

21 EXP -
February 7, 2008 - 14:46 #

The community patches are great believe me. They not only fix tons of stuff but also add things that were planned but not fully implented. But currently my personal advice for everyone is to wait for the already announced 1.7 (they wan't to include world fixes in this one) and then start enjoying the game. I'll certainly do that.

With 1.5.1 they also removed the CD-Check - another plus :).

1470 EXP -
February 7, 2008 - 15:25 #

Thx for the info, I might check out 1.7 then, when it comes out.