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Turtle Rock Studios acquired by Valve

Turtle Rock Studios acquired by Valve

Germany — 

As it was just announced in the news section of Valve's website, the Valve Corporation has acquired the Turtle Rock Studios, which have been working together with Valve over the last years to develop the highly-awaited co-op online action game "Left 4 Dead". Working together obviously worked fine for both companies and Gabe Newell is extremely happy with the merging. This is understandable: after a remarkable growth of the Steam platform and a widened distribution of contents Valve can surely do with an extension of their development team and the new studio in Southern California.

Turtle Rock Studios were founded in 2002 by Michael Booth, who became quite popular in the gaming industry with the rather underrated game "Nox". He also did technical direction on "C&C:Generals". Turtle Rock Studios created some maps for "Counterstrike: Source" under his direction in the past and they were also involved in the development of "Counterstrike: Condition Zero", the game that went through so many different developing hands that the saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth" is probably the right expression for it. Concerning the acquisition by Valve, founder Michael Booth is now

For gamers this merger could be very good news. If "Left 4 Dead" is successful, and this doesn't seem to be too unlikely, Valve could well assign the development of another co-op game to their new development team. This could bridge a gap in the market, because co-op games are generally very rarely seen on the PC these days.

I'm optimistic that Valve will know how to use their new manpower wisely. At least I hope so.

They taught us how to think with portals. Now they start to think with turtles. Cowabunga?