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Free Radical: Another one bites the dust (Update!)

Free Radical: Another one bites the dust (Update!)

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Germany — 

Staff of Free Radical Design, responsible for the famous Timesplitters series and the not so famous Haze (which looked very promising but turned out to be a major disappointment for PS3 gamers), arrived at their studio doors in Nottingham, England, today only to find out that they were locked. You might agree with us that this is possibly not a very good sign. Plus, phones are not being answered and according to sources a final company meeting is scheduled for today. You can't misinterpret that, can you?

We don't want to sound like scaremongers, but: This sounds like there will be at the least some mass layoffs, if the studio is not even going to completely close down. It wouldn't be the first not so merry news this December, with Factor 5 and Cheyenne Mountain also being in big trouble; and some more studios: indeed, so many are cutting staff right now that it's getting hard to keep track of it. The closure of Free Radical Design would be a pity. Not just because it is always a pity when many people are going to lose their jobs, but also because the first concept art (see header picture) for Timesplitters 4 looked very stylish. There also was a second game in the making, titled Secret Lucas Arts Project.

I once lived in Nottingham for eight months. It's not a nice city, believe me. Only good things that ever came from there are Robin Hood and Timesplitters. The first one is long since history.

So he wouldn't be able to come to the rescue for Free Radical. Well, he wasn't much of a gamer anyway.

Update: The serious trouble that Free Radical Design is in has been confirmed. The company was placed into administration, during the next days the financial position of the company will be assessed. Employees have been paid til the end of December and it's not clear how many people will exactly lose their jobs. But apart from a remaining skeleton crew all staff has already been asked to stay at home.

The administrators stress that it's all business as usual. That's probably wishful thinking, however.

Leonard McCoy
2459 EXP -
December 18, 2008 - 20:46 #

I wouldn't translate German sayings into English word by word; that usually ends up wrong.

2674 EXP -
December 19, 2008 - 01:43 #

You're right. The "devil on the wall" was only supposed to be a placeholder while writing the news, during proof-reading the news I wanted to browse the web for a better way to say it. And then I simply forgot. Changed it now.