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Mirror's Edge: What you might not know, yet

Mirror's Edge: What you might not know, yet

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The unconventional 3D action game Mirror's Edge by EA DICE is about "runner" Faith, who is a mix of courier, agent and freestyle walker. Less than two months before the planned release on November 11 (Europe: November 13) for Xbox 360 and PS3, here are some details you might not have heard, yet:

  1. There will be 10 solo levels in the finished game.

  2. There will be 20+ Time Trial mode maps, which will be smaller parts of levels.

  3. In Time Trial mode, you must clear checkpoints (by touching them) in the right order. There's a target time you need to beat, and whenever you clear a checkpoint, the clock in your HUD flashes green (faster), white (tied) or red (slower).

  4. If you complete all 10 solo levels, you will unlock the "Speed Run" mode. This mode is similar to time trial mode, but you race across a whole solo level instead of just a small part of a level.

  5. Opponents include gangsters, normal street cops, SWAT snipers and assault teams.

  6. Runner Vision does not only highlight important doors or things to grab in the levels (in red color), but also mission critical enemies. These enemies are harder to run from than normal ones, and usually need to be attacked and beaten.

  7. Some of Faith's attacks are much stronger when she's got momentum, e.g. jumping at high speed at an opponent after having completed a chain of "moves".

We're certainly looking forward to the demo version of Mirror's Edge which is supposed to come out before the release date. We also hope that we do not have to wait too long for the PC version (which, in our estimation, should be the best looking, especially in terms of how far you can see).

Leonard McCoy
2459 EXP -
September 20, 2008 - 21:58 #

I really can't wait to play it for the first time, and how it feels to play Faith from first-person view. The speedrun, and time-trial mode is also a good idea. I always loved to watch speedruns of PoP 1 & 2.

1555 EXP -
September 21, 2008 - 11:51 #

Only 10 levels? Well, I hope Mirror's Edge won't be too short. Anyway, I agree, the game can become one of the biggest hits of this winter.

DerZeis (not verified)
0 EXP -
September 21, 2008 - 22:28 #

what? 10 Solo levels?! I've played one level at the GC and it took me less than 3 minutes! Seems to be a second Portal - heavly fun while playing but damn - just too short.

5433 EXP -
September 21, 2008 - 23:23 #

Hi DerZeis, I think the solo levels will be rather big, as the 23 time trial maps seem to be sections of those bigger solo levels. As soon as I know for sure, I'll write it here.

1470 EXP -
October 14, 2008 - 16:06 #

10 Levels does sound rather short, but they might be rather large with lot of different sections. I believe that Assassins Creed had even fewer levels, so the number alone doesn't really tell us anything.