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Fallout 3 addendum: Bethesda clarifies some points

Fallout 3 addendum: Bethesda clarifies some points

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Germany — 

In our Fallout 3 preview from E3 we have criticized Fallout 3 for feeling too easy in our test session. We've asked Pete Hines from Bethesda for some clarifications (by e-mail), and here are his answers:

1. Was the E3 version "simplified", e.g. by making the hero's character more powerful than he would be in the finished game at that early stage? Or was every V.A.T.S. hit in the E3 version a critical hit?

Pete Hines: It was simplified in terms of giving you the highest stats for the weapons you start off with. Every VATS hit in the E3 version was not a critical hit. Far from it. It's random, so some folks may see more or less of it when they play for any period of time.

2. Will V.A.T.S. head shots be always fatal, if they hit?

Pete Hines: No. there is an amount of damage it will do to the limb, and an amount it does to the enemy's overall health. In the easier creatures you would have faced early on, they don't have much health so they die easier. As you explore out and fight tougher creatures, you find that you can cripple one or more body parts before you can kill the enemy.

3. Will successful V.A.T.S. hits always be critical hits?

Pete Hines: No.

4. Will V.A.T.S. hits (or normal hits) into legs make opponents fall down or hop on the other leg, while they still fight on?

Pete Hines: They only suffer the effects to that part when you cripple the part. So in the case of a leg, they won't limp unless you cripple one leg completely. Just hitting it doesn't make that happen. You have to get the status bar for that limb all the way to zero before they suffer the effect. The same goes for you and your body parts.

This should clarify the "Each V.A.T.S. hit kills the opponent" issue we've encountered during E3 and wrote about in our preview, and some minor points. Still, some issues remain, so we will look again at Fallout 3 at Games Convention.

Player (not verified)
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August 7, 2008 - 15:36 #

The heck, he doesn't know anything ... Pete Hines is no developer nor is he practical involved in the games systems so i decided not to trust any word of him. Sorry, but if i remember right he statet the opposit of theese informations back on e3.

And why would they do that anyway, i mean come on what kind of presentation is a presentation when the thing that is presentet is modified to fit - i don't know what expectation.
Its like, hey here we have our new hybrid car, but for the presentation we equipt it with a racing engine ...

Man i was hyped ... considered to buy the game right away without reading any tests, but you can forget about that. I'm goann read every friggin Test in the world before i buy that game.

32 EXP -
August 7, 2008 - 17:30 #

Player (why not give yourself a name?), I don't see your problem: Jörg has asked for clarification, he got them, he copied them here, and so one of the issues seem to be solved. Do not get me wrong: I still have my own doubts about Fallout 3, I quit playing Oblivion after 20 hours because the game mechanics were just weird. But the most obvious error Bethesda could make, to make the VATS overmighty, killing people with one shot only etc as was feared in the preview -- this error clearly will not be made, or else Pete would have answered differently. By the way, I don't think Bethesda would let Pete Hines say anything if they wouldn't trust him to say the right thing. He doesn't need to be of the development team in order to know about the game, if he's talking with them on a regular base, is in meetings, is playing the game all the time. And that's what I think he will do as the spokesman. Hope I am not being naive, here.

Player (not verified)
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August 10, 2008 - 15:52 #

I guess you are german, so i this will clear my doubts for you. It's from the Onlinewelten Preview from Jörg:

... schienen unsere Treffer immer "kritische Treffer" zu sein: Trafen wir den Kopf, explodierte dieser, trafen wir ein Bein, wurde dieses abgetrennt, und immer führte das zum Tod des Gegners. Das aber hat mit dem ehemaligen Fallout-System nichts mehr zu tun, und würde das Spiel zu einfach machen. Als wir Pete Hines darauf ansprachen, wich er uns aus ...

So he obviously didn't know how the game works or he didn't want to say it.
He's not trustworthy to me.

5433 EXP -
August 11, 2008 - 22:45 #

@Player: Please keep in mind that later on, Pete Hines did react. The interview situation (where my question was one of many questions, and I insisted only once after the initial question on the "too easy" part), may have been different from getting a follow-up mail where this single point was emphasized with four questions. I do not want to defend anyone here, but I would suggest to give people the benefit of the doubt.

5433 EXP -
August 8, 2008 - 10:16 #

@Player: Pete Hines is vice president of marketing and pr at Bethesda and also product manager for Fallout 3. I would agree that members of the design team, e.g. lead designer Emil Pagliarulo, could be more into the intricacies of the game, but the points in question are not mere details, so I have no doubt that Pete is qualified to answer. I agree with you on your other point, though: Reading reviews before buying a game has always been a good idea, that's what game journalists are there for :-)

1470 EXP -
August 9, 2008 - 18:43 #

Thanks for clearing that up, these one-hit-kills sounded just too weird.

5433 EXP -
August 9, 2008 - 11:47 #

I know (and I wrote so in the first place), but too many people write about games what they want them to be, and not what they actually (or currently) are. It's really a disease that's spreading.